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Prescription Requests


You can request prescription refills in the morning until 11 o’clock, which can be picked up the same day. If requested after 11:00, it will be ready the next business day.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to request repeated prescriptions via our website. The same applies here, requests submitted before 11.00 will be processed the same day.

Please note that you may pick up medications at the pharmacy of your choice during the opening hours of the relevant pharmacy.

Repeated Prescriptions Form

Prescriptions can be requested online, but can also be ordered by phone or at the counter of the assistants. This only counts for repeat prescriptions which are known to us. If the specialist subscribed new medication, or is changing the dose of a medication, the next time we will need the written information from the specialist or the appropriate medication box. This concerns the label of the pharmacy.

When you apply online, please fill out the form according to the following example.


Medication: Tablet / capsule / beverages / sachet / suppository / plaster / ampoule / inhaler / cream: Dosage, (milli, micro) gram: Usage: Pieces, amount: Chronical
Thyrax Tablet 25 mcg 1×1 90 Yes
Lisinopril Capsule 10 mg 1×1 90 Yes
Paracetamol Suppository 1 g 3×1 30 No
Forlax Sachet 4 g 1×1 30 Yes

Prescriptions request form:










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