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About Us

Our Team – Medical Center Pieterse Aruba

You can find our medical practice on the road from the Tanki Flip roundabout to Oranjestad in Ponton (Caya Ernesto Petronia), where our team of practitioners and assistants will be happy to assist you.


General Practitioner

Huub Pieterse

Drs Pieterse did his basic medical training in Rotterdam, at the Erasmus University, after which he followed his 3-year GP education at Leiden University. The 2nd year of this training he did in Aruba, both in the Horacio Oduber and at Dr. Westrate in San Nicolas. After this he worked as an observer and practice holder in the Netherlands. Since 2012 he worked as a deputy family doctor on Bonaire, where he was also the medical manager at the Medical Practice center Bonaire. In September 2016 to present position, general practitioner in general practice Pieterse Aruba.

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General Practitioner

Majorie Pieterse-Clements

Drs Pieterse-Clements also completed the basic training physicians at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, after her training as a nurse. She followed with three years of GP education at the University of Leiden. After completion of the program she worked on Bonaire, as general practitioner. She also worked, besides her job as general practitioner, in the health center ‘Centro Hubentut I Famia’. As of September 2016 her position is general practitioner in Medical practice Pieterse, Aruba.

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Medical Assistant

Jayci Dijkhoff

Jayci got her diploma as a Medical Assistent in year 2015 in Holland. After her studies she worked temporarly in the Hospital  at the Cardiologist office. In year 2019 she returned to Aruba and is working at our practise Pieterse Medical Center as a Medical Assistent.  She will be available fulltime.


Medical Assistant

Yadira Britten

Yadira has worked with the practice of Dr. V.d. Linden voor 14 years. After that she moved to Holland where she worked for 4 years as an administrative assistant assistant in a Laboratory and as a thrombosis service employee in Utrecht. Yadira returned to Aruba in 2016 and has been working with us at Pieterse Medical Center. Yadira completed in 2019 the Basic course for Medical Asisstent. 


Medical Assistant

Joanne Thiel

Joanne has 17 years  experience as a Medical assistent. She began working in year 2002 in the office of dr. Van Veen and Dr. Sneek until 2016. Joanne got her diploma as a Doktersassistent in 2013. Joanne is working sinds 2016 for Pieterse Medical Center.


Practice Nurse

Carmen Jacopucci

Carmen graduated from the VUMC Amstel Academy in the Netherlands. Carmen worked for 14 years in Hospital here on Aruba as a pediatric nurse. Recently Carmen received her diploma as POH Practice Nurse Supporter together with the W.G.K. and Breede Rode Hoge School Nederland. Carmen is available from Monday to Thursday all day and Friday half the day.

Our assistants will attend training and courses to keep the quality in the practice up to date.

Address: Caya Punta Brabo 17, Oranjestad, Aruba

Phone number: 00297-5833330
Emergency number: 00297-5880085
Fax number: 00297-5833331

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