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Welcome to the website of our medical clinic on Aruba

Here you can find all necessary information about our practice. Among other things; who we are and what we do, but also the opening hours of our practice, different links to websites with information for patients and finally information about observations in the evening, night and weekends.

Partners (and/or children) of patients that are already registered with us, can be registered at the same doctor. If you want to switch doctors, this is possible in the months of May and September. For this we ask you to contact the assistant.

Our practice will request your medical files from your previous doctor. If you did not previously have a doctor on Aruba, we ask you to hand in your medical files to our assistant so we can have a good understanding of your medical history.


Address: Caya Punta Brabo 17, Oranjestad, Aruba

Phone number: 00297-5833330
Emergency number: 00297-5880085
Fax number: 00297-5833331

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